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Genicoll represents the coming together of decades of experience in the fields of Operational Excellence and Information Management and Automation.

Genius Collaboration

Our unique approach to empowering organizations to answer these questions to ensure that their systems empower every person needing to work.


Knows what they need to do




Has the correct information to do that work


Knows that they have completed that work successfully

Simple 1-2-3 system approach

Our approach is very simple:

Our philosophy is centered around the old saying, teach a person to fish and they’ll never go hungry. Our approach is very simple:

1. Assist and train clients to effectively understand work gets done.

2. Either build a system to automate the work that needs to get done, or train the organization to build systems for their needs as they evolve.

3. Support the client to make manage and upgrade the system THEMSELVES. That’s correct we train YOU to manage your own system and make changes to it as your processes and needs change. We are there for you if your team needs assistance but our approach empowers you to have control over how your system evolves and grows.


New clients are amazed what can be automated and how quickly a system can be up and running. Our success stories have proven how quickly and effectively we can bring systems to your company.

Current clients are excited by all the benefits their new systems bring and are constantly coming up with new ways to add features to their system and improve what they are delivering to their staff and customers.

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