Leadership Team

Leadership team Carmien Owen

Carmien Owen

Chief Possibility Officer

As a SharePoint and Lean-Six Sigma specialist Carmien focuses on facilitating the deployment of collaboration strategies, business and process analysis, quality programs and strategy rollout. He has assisted many teams and organizations in understanding how to incorporate (or revitalize) process-driven collaboration solutions as an integral part of their business. His experience in empowering Infrastructure with process improvement and workflow automation has been acknowledged as “ground breaking.”

Carmien’s background as a Lean-Six Sigma Trainer started with Ceridian, where he was certified as a White Belt trainer in 2004, and as a Black Belt and Green Belt trainer in 2006. He has trained hundreds of White Belt and Green Belts, as well as numerous Yellow Belts. In addition to experience with Lean-Six Sigma, ITIL, CMMI, Lean, ISO, Quality Assurance and RUP, Carmien has over 17 years of business process reengineering and automation experience.

Leadership team Jason Schraefel

Jason Schraefel


Jason has over 20 years experience developing IT solutions and building successful companies.  Since 1992 he has founded 4 companies all of which continue to be in operation today.

Jason’s career began as a simple network support tech moving forward through network and system design engineer to Corporate Business Consultant and of course to business founder and leadership management.

Jason has an unwavering belief that IT can actually be an asset and profit center for companies and it’s from that belief that Genicoll was founded and continues to deliver on these promises today.