Visual Communications Services

Need something printed?  A new website?  Some social media profiles?

Print Design

Business cards  •  Stationary  •  Invitations  •  Annual Reports

Books  •  Magazines  •  Infographics  •  Large format displays  •  Professional Writing



With a background in a printing prepress department, we are well-equipped to build files that are production-ready for printing in your brand’s Pantone colours or in a more economical digital format. Whether it’s an offset printing project with dielines, custom foiling or letterpress effects or a mail-out campaign, we have the tools and team to put your project out into the world that will make an impression. If you have a printer you like to work with, we can supply you with the production-ready PDF to send off to them, or we can take the printing process off your plate.

Our focus is to gather the information of what results you want to achieve and then take it off your hands so you can get back to your work. Your priority as you work with us will be to provide feedback on proofs so we can design and deliver your company’s message beautifully and effectively.

Additionally, we offer professional writing and editing services so that you can take the ideas or notes you’ve scribbled down and  have our team create a story or message that is targeted to your clients.

Web Design

WordPress is a content management system that allows us to completely customize your website and also lets users log in and make updates using a very simple, intuitive editor. No coding necessary! We can design the site of your dreams, take care of the security and updates for you or give you some training so you and your team can take over, making changes and edits without getting a web designer involved. We also have a wiz of a web developer available for any customization and troubleshooting that may come up.

Web Design Project for Roberts-McClure Insurance

“Roxane and Genicoll were supportive of our efforts, outlined the web site re-design process and provided constructive feedback and solutions during the length of the project. They handled all of the technical components so that all we had to focus on was making business decisions focused on our marketing goals. ”  – Keith Gwynne, BSc CIP, President

Web Design Project for youngteamltd.

“Following is some of the feedback I’ve received on the website.  Just so you know, everyone was pretty impressed, so kudos to you!!” – Dianne Young

“Your website looks great”

“Well designed of course. Lovely amount of white space; Love the strong green”

“Very well balanced content”

“I had a look – I like the imagery and design for sure. Very clean, crisp and current. Websites are all moving in this direction so you’re definitely where you need to be going forward.”

“WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing Dianne. Who did this website for you? I am so very impressed. Love the clean design.”


WordPress Management & Maintenance


An increasingly popular CMS (content management system), nearly 20% of all websites are created using the WordPress platform. Security and maintenance is extremely important to prevent hackers and issues with the site. We can teach you how to secure your site once the site is completed, or we can take care of it for you.

Affordable monthly maintenance, billed annually:

  • Website Backup
  • Daily Security Scans
  • Theme and Plugin Updates
  • All e-mail notifications sent to us rather than to you

Social Media Account Set Up


 Facebook Starter Small Business Package  $79


  • Profile and business page setup
  • Cover image design
  • Complete “About” page with supplied information
  • Upload logo or other profile image
  • Upload supplied photos
  • Set up and schedule first 2 posts
Twitter logo



  • Page setup
  • Header design
  • Upload logo or other profile image
  • Set up and schedule first 3 Tweets



  • Page setup
  • Upload logo or other image
  • Design a banner
  • Add your supplied information of the following: Company details, your industry and location, “About Us” section
    (Professional writing services can also be added on with a customized quote)

Professional Writing

Attract your best audience

Professional Writing Services

You’ve got a business to run, and writing content that attracts the right audience and translates to a solid ROI can be a daunting – and time consuming – task. Our Visual Communications division offers seamless one-stop service that includes professional writing when you need help with your messaging.


Working with our team will get you the most bang for your buck…and your time. Rather than multiple meetings reviewing the same scope of work with various people, Genicoll Visual Communications offers you the advantages of fewer meetings, a cohesive working vision for your project and a superior final product that generates the results you want.

Professional Proofreading

If you’ve written the content for your project, kudos to you! In this case, we recommend you take advantage of our professional proofreading services to review your work before finalizing the design and beginning production. It’s a cost-effective way to ensure your business’s brand and reputation are protected from embarrassing typos or weak messaging.